October Fitness Files


Say hello to my October fitness files and let’s get right to it!

What I’m listening to: The song Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont has been on repeat in my Spotify playlist. I love the beat of the song and you can’t help but start dancing to it :)

What I’m thinking of buying: I have to get a new sports bra that isn’t geared towards running. I’ve been eyeing up the Lululemon Free To Be Wild Bra for weeks now and it’s just a matter of time before I give in to the hefty price tag…

What I’m eating: I have been LOVING frozen yogurt bars as a dessert. My personal favorites are the Outshine Peach Frozen Yogurt Bars. Super yummy and in my opinion, a “healthier” option than well, a lot of other desserts.

What exercise I’ll attempt to do: As I’m currently in Germany I’m unable to attend my beloved pilates classes. I have to think of different ways to keep my body active and engaged and not fall off the exercise bandwagon. The obvious choice – for me at least – is to go running. But as that’s weather dependent I like using a jump rope for a quick cardio session. I usually have enough room to do it in my hotel room without knocking a lamp over (it’s happened before…).

How are you going to keep yourself active this month?