Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask Review

What drew me into trying this mask is that you apply it before you go to bed and then when you wake up in the morning your face looks refreshed and moisturized. I’ll give anything a try that promises to keep my skin hydrated and the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask delivers just that on so many accounts.

Aside of the moisture securing hyaluronic acid, the mask is made of apricot kernel oil, avocado oil and mango butters. Basically this mask smells like a delicious fruity cocktail – who wouldn’t want that? I apply it after I’ve washed my face and make sure I massage it in nicely. It has a thicker consistency but not so thick that you feel like you are wearing a legitimate mask on your face. It sinks in well and leaves you with dewy moisturized skin. I haven’t had any problems with getting the cream on my pillow but I do try to let it sink in further before I head to bed.

I deal with dry spots and early indicators of eczema and I reach for this mask every time something decides to emerge. Origins recommends using the mask twice a week but I end up using it several days in a row to get rid of any dryness. My skin looks more alert, radiant – and most importantly – hydrated in the morning.

The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask is one of the best masks I’ve ever come across and has quickly become a staple in my skincare routine.

Have you ever tried an overnight mask ? Which one do you swear by?