It’s OUAI cool

OUAI Wave Spray

There’s always a fine line of believing in the hype when a new product range comes out. I tend to wait it out, see what other people are saying and determine if it’s worth it for me. I had that dilemma a few months ago when Jen Atkin – major celebrity hair stylist for the Kardashians and co. – came out with her own hair product range. I first read about it in Allure, learned how to pronounce it’s name (it’s Ouai like WAY) and decided to wait on making any impulse purchases.

A few months later, with humidity at an all time high in DC (or at least it feels that way), I’m embracing my curls again and decided to give the OUAI Wave Spray a chance. It’s a texturizing spray that’s made with rice protein which makes it less drying than a salt spray would. It adds hold and memory to your curls and I love spraying it on my damp hair after the shower.

Styling curls can be tricky. I don’t like wearing mousse because it can get too crunchy. Salt sprays are fun at the beach but are too drying. So what am I left with? The OUAI Wave Spray. I’m telling you, spraying this all over my hair and letting it air dry has given me the most beautiful curls. I feel a lot more confident wearing my curls au naturelle because of it.

I define the curls with my fingers and let it air dry for a ‘just got out of the ocean’ look. The wave spray adds some nice grittiness that allows for a texturized and undone look.  And let’s not forget that it’s also great to use on second day hair. Need to redefine some curls and add some body and volume back in? The Ouai Wave Spray has got you covered!

You think the spray couldn’t get any better but then the signature OUAI scent smells so good. It’s fragrance notes are Italian lemon, amber and white musk. Now tell me that doesn’t sound amazing?!

I’m tempted to try out more of her products but I have a hair appointment this Friday where I’m making some BIG changes and I’ll probably buy everything my hair stylist recommends. I’ll get back to you on that…Have you tried anything from OUAI yet? What are your thoughts?