Packing for Australia

I’m traveling to Australia! But you probably already know that from the title of this blog post and the fact that I’ve mentioned it in passing on my social media. Greg and I have been planning this trip for about a year now and it seems surreal that this Saturday it’s finally here. I’m never going to get tired of saying “I’m going down under” so be prepared to hear it for the next few weeks. I’m down under! Or, I’m back from down under! I just can’t get enough of it. But with an exciting trip also comes the dreaded fear of packing. I’ve been thinking of what I’ll pack for the last month, from what I’m wearing in each destination, what book I’ll read on the plane, what camera lens I’ll use for what – you can tell I’ve gone a bit crazy. So here’s what I’m packing for Australia clothing wise. We will be starting our journey at the Great Barrier Reef, then heading to Melbourne, then Sydney and ending our trip in the Hunter Valley, two hours outside of Sydney.

Packing for Australia has been a bit tricky because they’re at the beginning of spring and we’re heading into fall. I’m thinking of packing lots of layers and see where it gets me. Last case scenario I’ll just have to go shopping and explore the Australian stores! I know, such a burden…

Please share any recommendations on restaurants, activities or general traveling tips in the comments below.

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