Shopping Fewer, Better Things

I was going to call this “Why I don’t shop as much anymore” but then what is much? Over the years I’ve become very intentional with what I buy. I think about every purchase and rarely spontaneously buy something these days. There are several factors that go into it:

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Switching To Clean Beauty Products

Earlier this year I ordered a few items from Follain, a clean beauty shop. I switched to a clean face serum, eye cream and daily moisturizer and am genuinely impressed with them. So much so that I’m about to reorder them!

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Here we go, 2019!

It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve written a blog post. Many (!) personal reasons went into why I stopped but essentially: It became a chore I wasn’t looking forward to doing. The pressure I put on myself to succeed as a “blogger” in a world full of “influencer saturation” was getting to me and I realized, I didn’t want to be a “blogger”.

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Five Must Have Makeup Tools

There are five must have makeup tools that I use every time I do my makeup. No matter the time of day or what makeup I’m applying, I always reach for these five things. They help with the overall appearance of my makeup and simply make it an easier process.

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