Pale Is The New Tan

Pale Is The New Tan - - @viciloves1
Pale Is The New Tan - - @viciloves1

I don’t understand the need to look tan all the time. Yeah sure, I love a nice Miami beach tan. But whatever happened to just embracing your natural skin tone? When I was getting married I thought about getting a tan beforehand and I decided not to. I wanted to look like myself on my wedding day and not have an unnatural skin color on me. I’m not judging the people who do get a spray tan for their wedding – heck, I was pretty close to getting it done – but I just wanted to look like my pale self, like I would for the rest of my marriage.

Pale Is The New Tan - - @viciloves1

Now that we’re in the midst of spring, it’s the prime time to get your (fake) tan on. I’ve gotten spray tans before and while I do enjoy it once in a while, I simply don’t feel the need to spend the money on it. I enjoy tanning naturally on vacation and lay mostly in the shade. Growing up in Switzerland with my friends, spray tanning was NEVER a thing. I didn’t realize that fake tanning was a thing until I moved to America. Of course we’d come back from vacation with a nice glow, but we never sought it out as something to do before a big event or an activity on the weekend.

From a beauty and health perspective, it’s SUPER important to wear sunscreen when you’re tanning. I’ve never had any skin cancer issues but because of my skin tone, I’m always on alert. I’ll lay in the sun a little bit but my preferred spot is all day in the shade. You still get a decent tan and it’s way better for you.

I’m trying to get better about wearing sunscreen every day and my favorite face sunscreen is the Cosmedix Peptide Rich Defense SPF 50. It’s lightweight and non greasy, has SPF 50 (!) and is super hydrating. I’ve been using it on and off since last August and it’s weathered the Australian sun with me.

Why am I bringing all of this stuff up? Because I look super pale in these photos and I love it. Pale is the new tan, people. Let’s all embrace it and get rid of the pressure to be tan 24/7. It ain’t happening.

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