Plans For The House This Year

Plans For The House - - @viciloves1

I can’t believe we’ve lived in our new house for six months already! After writing this initial post, I wanted to update you on what our plans are for this year. Last year we got a lot exterior work (new roof, trim, gutters, grass treatments) and not so exciting work (electric, plumbing, insulation) done. This year I want to focus on the inside of the house and get it properly decorated. I don’t know how much of it is financially feasible but these are my ideal plans for the house:


Our whole bedroom is in shades of grey. Three walls are a lighter shade grey and then one dark grey accent wall. I want to get rid of it and paint the whole thing white. I like the sereneness of white walls and having the furniture speak for itself. Our bedroom is very large for our size house because the previous owner converted it from a 3 bedroom upstairs into a 2 bedroom. I want to get this full length mirror (thank you! if you voted in my Instagram stories…) leaning against one of the walls because we currently don’t have one. I also want to get a cozy ottoman to create a reading area in our bedroom and have a small table with a lamp next to it. Lastly, I need curtains. I would love to get blackout curtains but Greg is on the fence about them.  I think they’re so luxurious and remind me of staying at a hotel. Who wouldn’t want that feeling at home?!


This is technically the second bedroom upstairs – but it’s my office out of which I’m writing this blog post. I painted it white last year so now it’s time to put up some art! I have a black shelf in the background of my Youtube videos and I want to style it out A LOT more. Who knew making a bookshelf look pretty is so difficult? I’m getting an art piece framed by Framebridge and will let you know how it turns out. I’ve never used them so I’m excited to give them a try. The room also has a built in closet unit and I want to organize that to it’s fullest potential.

Upstairs Bathroom

Our ‘master’ bathroom is tiny but it works for us. We currently have a functioning (but old) medicine cabinet that I’d like to replace with a regular mirror. I want to get shelves hung above the toilet to store our products and paint the bathroom white. I cannot stand this pale yellow color. The dream situation would be to renovate the whole thing and put in a larger sink with more counter space. But I’m not living in La La Land so new paint and a few shelves will do for now. It has been previously renovated so the good news it’s not the original bathroom from 1959. It’s simply outdated and needs to be modernized.

Plans For The House - - @viciloves1

Living Room

Paint the whole thing white. Wall mount the tv and make a gallery wall to the left of it. Get a large house plant to the right of it. Potentially get a carpet for underneath the dining table or coffee table – or both? Stay tuned for many poll questions on my Instagram stories as I LOVE seeing what you think. I also want to get a bookshelf. I love this one as it’s modern and secured to the wall. I’d like to put it on the wall underneath our stairs. It’s currently an empty space and I’m thinking something with height would be nice.

Powder Room

I would LOVE to put up temporary wall paper; something kind of out there. And I haven’t even told Greg about this! Since everything else will be white, having a fun wallpaper would make a nice statement. I want it to be temporary just in case we get sick of it and want to change it out. I also want to hang up some art to make it a bit more interesting.

Plans For The House - - @viciloves1


Not much to be done here as the kitchen was remodeled a few years ago and is in great shape. I want to paint any wall space white to get rid of the pale yellow (…) and maybe decorate the window sill a bit. I’d also love to get a carpet in the kitchen but haven’t decided if I want a runner under the sink or a more durable mat in front of the kitchen door for when Daisy comes in. Follow me on Instagram for many interior poll questions to come, ha! Oh and I almost forgot…. the orange (…) pendant lamps above our island need to go.


We won’t be doing anything in the basement because we want to focus on other rooms. Eventually we’d like to get a sleeper sofa and turn it into a second casual living room. We have our old tv down there, an old bookcase, extra linens… The classic basement story. The only thing I want to do this year is get a rug for the laundry room. It’s unfinished and I’d like to warm it up a bit with a colorful indoor/outdoor rug.


Our number one priority this year is to get a wooden fence installed. We have a wooden fence on two sides but not on the third side. We’d like to extend it out all the way to our driveway so that we have a bit more privacy when you walk past the front of our house. In the front yard I’d like to plant a few flower bushes next to our front steps. We currently don’t have anything and it simply looks boring. I’m thinking that would be a fun blog post to document, similarly to this one.

After writing all this I feel like our plans for the house sound waaaaay to ambitious this year. But again, they’re just plans. If we can get a good chunk done, mainly the fence and painting, that will be great too.

Do you have plans for your home? Anything you want to change that’s bothering you or currently missing?