Posies and Co Body & Bath Oil

Posies and Co Body & Bath Oil review featured by top US beauty blog, Viciloves

Posies and Co Body & Bath Oil Review

Talk about taking a luxurious bath at home! When you smell the Posies and Co Body & Bath Oil for the first time you are being transported into flower heaven. It is filled with moisturizing oils, such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, kukui nut, dried flowers and perfume oil. I love that the scent is not obnoxiously overwhelming and rather a very subtle but significant and soothing sensation.

As the name would suggest, you add a few drops of the oil into your bath water to make it extra moisturizing for your skin. It not only helps your skin but also relaxes your mind with the sweet floral scents of the Hawaiian frangipani flower oil. Plus the pink blooms make your bath look beautiful so you also got your visual senses covered.

You only need 4 capfuls for a bath which means the 240ml bottle will last you a while. At $28 I think that’s a super reasonable price considering other luxurious feeling bath oils run a lot higher. I like trying out new and unique bath products as it makes my pamper routine feel more special and I’m so glad I’ve given this one a try.

The Posies and Co Body & Bath Oil is exclusively sold in stores and online at Anthropology. They also carry additional bath products, such as the body polish and sea salt soak that come in a variety of scents. Once I’ve finished up this bottle I’m tempted to try the Maribelles scent…

What do you think about bath oils? Do you like adding them in or what bath products do you like to use instead? Let me know in a comment below!!

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