The Power Of A Strategic Planner

The Day Designer - - @viciloves1One of the greatest joys of starting a new year is getting a new planner. I love organizing, planning and stationary. All of those things come together in a beautiful planner. For 2018 I wanted to try out the Day Designer. I’d received the mini version earlier last year and loved the layout of it. My mini version expired in the summer so Greg bought be the original (large version) for Christmas. Yes,  I did wish for a planner, ha!  We’re in the second week of 2018 and I’ve already been insanely productive. But let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Why It’s So Amazing

The layout is what made me decide on the Day Designer. Each week day has it’s own full page. On the left side it accounts for each hour from 5am to 9pm. And on the right side it has a to-do list with check marks to fill in. At the top of each page is an inspirational quote to inspire and get you going. As if that wasn’t already enough, it also asks you what today’s top three priorities are. That feature really motivates me because even if I don’t get all of my to-do items done, I really try to achieve my top three of the day. The planner allows me to plan each day in detail and provides me with enough space to fill in notes, my daily gratitude, dinner plans, things that are due and items not to forget.

And There’s More

At the front of the planner, it asks what your word for the year is. I’ve never practiced that kind of approach but I love the idea of having one word to keep me motivated throughout the whole year. It then goes into explaining how to use the calendar to it’s fullest potential and gives you worksheets to start the year off strong.

The Day Designer - - @viciloves1

The worksheets

Not only do they make you think about how you want to spend your time versus how you currently are, they also make you think about what matters most to you. Writing down my core values, passions and strengths gave me a clearer picture of how I want 2018 to be. It then also gives you space to write down your goals broken down by quarter and what your action plan is to achieve those goals. The last two worksheets give you space to write out your ideal month and ideal week. I have yet to fill those in because I haven’t figured it out quite yet. I’ll reflect on those at the end of January and see how I want my ideal months and weeks to be moving forward.

Why I’m More Productive

Not only do I love using a stunning desk planner – can we give this palm print a moment? – it’s really helping me stay accountable. Because each day is it’s own page (except Saturday/Sunday) I feel obligated to fill it out as much as possible and plan out my day in full detail. I feel bad if I don’t have something written in most of the hours and force myself to get my top three priorities done as soon as I can. It’s given me a new sense of getting sh*t done and I absolutely love it. I try to write out each day in advance or first thing when I wake up that morning. I also try not to be too hard on myself when I can’t reach one of my top three. Sometimes you can’t control things and a priority gets pushed into the next day.

This planner is for you if you need help keeping you daily life on track and love writing things down. The planner itself is quite large so keep in mind that it’s a big thing to carry around. I keep mine on my desk at all times so that doesn’t bother me. You can always get the mini version that is a lot more portable. Target also has a collaboration here with the Day Designer where you can see a few more affordable options. Let me know if you have any questions about it and please share what 2018 planner you’re using in the comments below!