No Eye Makeup and Red Lipstick

No Eye Makeup and Red Lipstick tutorial featured by top US beauty blog, VICILOVES
No Eye Makeup and Red Lipstick tutorial featured by top US beauty blog, VICILOVES

I’ve been flipping through several magazines lately – I’m trying to play catchup – and a trend that I’ve noticed across a few issues is wearing red lipstick and no eye makeup. Something about this no eye makeup look resonates with me. Maybe it’s the boldness of the red lip and not having that eye contrast. Maybe it’s the effortlessness that it portrays. While the lips are the center of attention it’s crucial to bring definition to your face. We’re talking strategic contouring (what does that even mean?!) and bringing life to your face without the help of mascara or eyeshadows.

I start with applying this tinted moisturizer and this concealer. You can use a higher coverage foundation but to me the look is all about pretending you’re not wearing makeup and focusing on the red lip. I then fill and shape my eyebrows to provide overall face definition with this bad boy. That’s a very important step for your no eye makeup look. Since we’re not going to have any eye makeup, defined eyebrows are key. After that, I apply this red lip liner followed by this red lipstick. In my experience, life is much easier when you first line and fill in your lips with a red lip pencil.

No Eye Makeup and Red Lipstick tutorial featured by top US beauty blog, VICILOVES

Once most of the face is done I get to contouring. I leave this as my last step because from already wearing the red lipstick, I can gage how strong I want/need to contour. While I’m a contour amateur, my method includes starting out right underneath your ear with this powder. Start out there the strongest and lightly move inward at a diagonal towards the middle of your cheek. I also lightly contour around the hairline above my forehead and underneath my chin. I have a heart shaped face so I contour more heavily in rounder areas to create definition. Edges, so to speak. In regards to blush, I’d either not wear any or go for a neutral skin tone blush like this one. I’ve seen a few no eyemakeup looks with heavy pink cheeks and I personally don’t care for it.

So often there are makeup trends that look amazing but aren’t wearable in real life. This red lipstick and no eye makeup look on the other hand is achievable and interestingly different.

What do you think of this no eye makeup trend? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know in a comment below!


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