Sephora Fall Sale 2020

Sephora Fall Sale 2020 - - @viciloves1

I’ve been looking forward to this sale because I’ve been dying to make a specific beauty purchase. The Sephora Fall Sale 2020 is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorite items – and try a few new things! The sale has already begun for Rouge members and here’s the quick breakdown:

– VIB Rouge members shop through 11/9 for 20% off

– VIB shop starting 11/3 for 15% off

– Insiders shop starting 11/5 for 10% off with $50 purchase

What I’m Buying During Sephora Fall Sale 2020

It won’t come as a surprise to you that I’ve already prepared the products in my cart, ready for checkout. I’m buying a couple of beauty staples but I’m also branching out to try some new products. 


Doing my hair is my least favorite beauty “activity” if you will. I’ve got a good blow drying routine, yet it can take forever because I’ve got a lot of hair to dry. I’ve even gotten the same comment from hairdressers and the time it takes me to dry my hair is killing me slowly.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to get the Dyson Hair Dryer. I read several reviews on it and while it’s very expensive, they all said it saves you SO MUCH time. As a curly frizzy-haired lady who just wants straight hair, I need it in my life ASAP.

Because I work out a lot – and I sweat a lot – I’ve heard great things about this dry shampoo mist. You use it on days when you don’t wash your hair in the shower and I’ve got a video here that explains my post-workout beauty routine a bit more. I’m also grabbing another bottle of this dry shampoo because I use it religiously.


I’m almost out of this makeup setting spray (which is by far the most effective) and I also need another tube of this clean mascara. A couple of new things I’m getting is this peach-colored NARS blush (I love their formula), a cream bronzer that I’ve heard is great – and this new to me brow pencil (shade 2.5).


I want to try this new clean lip butter because I love the Laneige one and I want to see how it compares. I’m also in the market for a new rich moisturizer and this one comes highly recommended.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with my new beauty picks and I’d love to hear what’s in your basket. Leave a comment below with your favorites!

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