So Far In 2017…

How are we already half way through the year? 4th of July festivities are wrapped up (I hope you had a great celebration!) and it’s time to look back on the past six months. From little things I wanted to accomplish to major changes, here’s a look back on what’s happened so far in 2017:

1) Plan out dinner meals // It’s such a game changer. Not only is it easier to prepare weekday dinner meals when you know what you’re supposed to do, I’m also (generally) eating a lot healthier. Cookbooks are my source of inspiration for this and you can check out my three favorites in this blog post.

2) Exercise three times a week // I kept a great schedule up until we moved house so I’m pleased with my overall performance – if you can call it that? Because I don’t live in a building anymore with a designated gym, I fell a bit off track in June. But no excuses, I’ve got my basement now to train in.

3) Buy a house // That was the major goal for the year and I’m so happy everything worked out! We’ve been in our house exactly a month now and it’s slowly starting to sink in that we ACTUALLY own this place.  We’ve done lots of maintenance repairs to the house (electrical, plumbing, AC, etc.) and I’m glad to have most of it behind us. Because I have more flexibility time wise, I’ve dealt with all the contractors coming in and out of the house and Daisy hated every minute of it. She just loves to protect the house…If you missed my anouncement video about buying a house, you can watch that here.

4) Go to Vidcon // I had been wanting to go to Vidcon for years. But because it always falls on my birthday weekend, I’ve put it off – until this year. I went to Vidcon two weeks ago (it was AWESOME!) and spent my birthday on the way home in the airplane. And it was worth it. I did end up vlogging the whole trip but I’ve had major issues with importing the footage from my camera to my laptop. Hence no vlogs yet up on my channel..but it’s coming soon!

5) Film a Youtube video with a fellow creator // In mid June I sat down with Claire Ashley and we filmed an amazing Drugstore Glam makeup tutorial. Claire did a wonderful job doing my makeup and I highly recommend her if you’re in the D.C. area! She’s become such a good friend of mine and it was so fun to experience her makeup artistry. You can check out her channel here for makeup and hair tutorials.

For the second half of the year, these are the things I still want to accomplish / improve upon:

1) New morning routine & waking up earlier // Oh this is so hard! It’s funny actually because on the weekends I love getting up early and then during the weekdays, it seems like it’s the most difficult thing in the world. I’d like to improve my morning routine to get my day started on a good path and feel more energetic for the rest of the day. Earlier this year I mentioned the book Miracle Morning to you and I should probably give that another read.

2) Finish organizing the house // Everything is unpacked but not everything is as organized as I’d like it to be. Specifically my closet, office and basement need some attention. Luckily I love organizing (and throwing out stuff) so I’m really looking forward to tackling that this month.

3) Paint the office and living room // Both of which are going to be painted white. Now the question is what kind of white? I wish I was kidding with that…If you know of a great white paint color, please let me know! The wall along the stairwell is a gorgeous olive tone green so we are going to keep that. But the rest of the living room has to be painted white before we hang up mirrors and frames.

4) Decorate the house // I know that’s a loose term but it simply means making things look cozy and personal. As mentioned above, we haven’t hung anything on the walls yet so they look kind of bare. Once the painting is out of the way, I can’t wait to pick up a few things from Homegoods or Target and make the house warm and inviting.

5) Expand Youtube Content // I look forward to expanding my video content and incorporating more vlog style videos. I like filming casual videos because that’s what I personally enjoy watching the most too. Now that I have a home office again, it’s going to be so much easier to have a dedicated filming setup and consistent lighting. You can subscribe and watch my Youtube Channel here.

What goals are you still looking to accomplish in 2017? 

PS: The photo above is from the coworking space that I’m a part of! The interior is stunning and I’ll share more photos of it soon. Photo taken by Sarah Bradshaw Photography.