Sorting Out Beauty Products

Sorting Out Beauty ProductsSorting Out Beauty Products
January is the perfect time for a fresh start and getting ready for the months to come. Over these last couple of days Greg and I have cleaned out so many things that Marie Kondo would be proud of us. There’s a lot of different categories to cover but one that often gets overlooked is sorting out beauty products. And yes, even my husband sorted out his (small) beauty stash. Makeup, skincare, haircare, tools and accessories. All of these items should be looked over to see if something has expired, you don’t like it anymore or if a replacement needs to be purchased (hello, hair tools).

Makeup is a big one as those products tend to expire the quickest. I have finally mustered up the courage to let go of a few lip products that I either have not worn in the last 12 months or I simply don’t like the feel or smell of them. I’m not into peppermint scented or overtly sweet lip items so those were a definite toss. I was also oddly attached to a highlighter that I knew I wouldn’t wear anymore but for some reason still felt the urge to keep. I reminded myself to let it go, while humming the Frozen soundtrack in the back of my head.

Even if you’re not tossing out unused beauty products, it’s good to reorganize your closet and take a mental inventory. I didn’t get rid of any hair products because I don’t have that many to begin with. Instead I took a look of all the things I still have and  placed them at the forefront so I make sure to use them up. I do have lots of skincare items that I actively use, so instead of getting rid of any, I divided them up by type of product so I can see all of the same category at once. I organized it so that all of my face masks are in one area, my body lotions in another, etc.

Sorting out beauty products makes me excited about using them again and it also reminds me of why I purchased them in the first place. Plus tossing out old products justifies a new trip to Sephora so you know where you’ll find me :-).  Do you have your beauty products ready for 2017?