Summer Scents

Summer Scents

I wanted to kick off the first day of summer by talking about my favorite summer scents. No better time than the summer to have something that reminds you about sunny days in the park, hanging out at the beach or sitting outside late at night with friends.

Flower By Kenzo

This has been my signature scent for a few years now. It’s florally and light scent is calming and refreshing at the same time and perfect for summer. The scent is very feminine, clean and powdery. Even though the perfume is called Flower it’s not overwhelmingly floral and is pleasantly subtle instead. When I repurchased this scent last year I got the largest size available and now that I only have a quarter left it’s showing me how much I’m loving this thing. If I could drink this scent, I would.

Wild Bluebell By Jo Malone

I already raved about this in my wedding day perfume post but I had to include it again. It’s florally sweet and beautiful for a hot summer day. All of Jo Malone’s scents are so unique and unlike anything you’ve ever smelled – plus their lasting power is incredible. Both of those things only confirm that Jo Malone is one of my favorite perfume houses and that they’re worth spending the extra money on. I have my eyes set on a few new ones to try out at their counter but I’m trying to pace myself for now.

Sun By Jill Sander

Also known as the holy grail summer perfume for me. It smells like the sunrise and sunset combined and has an incredibly fresh scent. I take it with me on every summer vacation as it’s travel friendly and a total beach essential. The scent lingers on the skin for a while and is the perfect post-swim scent. Unfortunately Jill Sander discontinued the scent – whyyy? –  but the scent has such a strong following that you can still manage it to get it on Amazon.

What are your favorite scents for summer?