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Recent Home Decor Updates

For better or worse, I’m super thoughtful (i.e. slow) about what I buy for our house. So when I see something I love, and I know it’s a regularly stocked item, I will think about it for months before I pull the trigger.

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Plum Vanilla Clafoutis – aka Auflauf!

I’m coming at you with a rare baking blog post! It features my childhood favorite dessert, a plum vanilla clafoutis. Or as my family calls it: Auflauf! And while it’s considered a dessert, I also recommend eating it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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The Best Thing I Got For My Home

I don’t know about you, but cleaning your whole place, top to bottom, is a lot of work. I don’t hire out a cleaning service, although the thought has crossed my mind. Cleaning usually falls on the weekend and with Daisy, vacuuming is a must. She doesn’t shed much but it definitely collects in corners.

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My Favorite Creative Podcasts For Entrepreneurs And Side Hustlers

Whether you’re working for yourself or trying to make that side hustle a full time hustle, being surrounded by positivity and motivating stories is key. Enter my addiction to creative podcasts. Listening to people’s stories and learning about their fails and success has opened my mind and given me countless tips on how to improve myself and my business.

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What I Learned From Buying Our First Home

Both Greg and I had never owned property before buying our house. We were the definition of first time home buyers. No idea what we were doing or where to start. We made a list of things we wanted in a home. We wanted an older house rather than a modern condo because it would fit our lifestyle better. Location was also very important to us as we didn’t want to live too far in the ‘burbs and still be close to work/metro access.

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