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Switching To Clean Beauty Products

Earlier this year I ordered a few items from Follain, a clean beauty shop. I switched to a clean face serum, eye cream and daily moisturizer and am genuinely impressed with them. So much so that I’m about to reorder them!

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What Does A Jade Roller Do?

You might have seen this jade roller pop up online and wonder what the heck it is. Well, so did I. Is it a gimmick? Does it actually help your skin? How does it help your skin? When would you use it? Let me break it down for you…

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Should You Try Microdermabrasion?

Last Saturday I got the most wonderful – and much needed – facial at Pure Aesthetica in Alexandria. I got a 3-1 facial treatment that came with microdermabrasion. I’d never tried it before and was eager to see what it would do for my skin.

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Anti Aging Products That Make the World Go Round

As I’m heading closer to my 30’s, it’s time to get serious about anti aging products. Recently I’ve found myself in a good skincare routine with mostly new to me…

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