The First House Update

First House Update - - @viciloves1First House Update - - @viciloves1

We’ve been in our new home for over a month now and it’s time for a first house update. Before the moving trucks even pulled up, we had an electrician and plumber come over to assess certain things. We knew from our house inspection report that we needed to address a few safety concerns. But there were also a lot of things that we wanted to replace and update.

I should preface by saying that even though we moved into an older home (1959), it’s fairly modern inside. The kitchen was remodeled a couple of years ago with modern appliances. The powder room has modern fixtures and the master bath upstairs has been redone at some point. We also have a finished basement area (even though the floors were a total DYI job) and we’ve got a nice size deck outside.

I have learned a ridiculous amount about plumbing – such an exciting topic ha! We wanted (needed) to replace the upstairs toilet and who knew there were so many things to consider when toilet shopping? There also was a major issue in the unfinished laundry room downstairs because the previous owner vented the dryer inside. Yes, inside the room. Naturally mold developed and we’ve gotten rid of it since. Yesterday was finally the day where we properly installed pipes to vent the dryer outside. You don’t understand how happy I am about that. No more air drying our towels!

A couple of weeks ago we also got our siding and roof redone. The previous owner had a pest problem in the attic so we decided to close off any entry into the attic. We then installed an attic fan to vent out the hot air. It has made such a big difference as the second floor is much cooler now. With August right around the corner, I’m beyond thankful to sleep cooler and save a bit on energy. We also had to fix our bathroom vent as it previously vented into the attic, causing humidity damage to the wood beneath the roof. And to top it off, we had three layers of shingles on our roof when only two layers are up to code. You can probably see now why we needed to get a new roof…

Even though we’ve had a lot of work done in the last few weeks, we absolutely love living in this house. It’s in a quiet cul de sac – even though it’s right off of a main road in Alexandria. All of the neighbors we’ve met are so friendly and willing to share tips. There’s a couple of neighborhood Facebook groups I’m a part of now and I love seeing all the local updates coming through. We moved closer within the city and I’ve had to get used to driving new routes around town. Daisy is loving our backyard and runs after each bird and squirrel she sees. We even have a rabbit in our neighborhood that we see from time to time. We also have a large crepe myrtle tree in our front yard that is currently blooming in pink and livening up our summer.

The next thing we want to tackle is painting my office and upstairs bathroom. Both are in shades of yellow and I can’t stand it. I’m in between a couple of different shades of white from Benjamin Moore and am picking up paint supplies this weekend. I can’t wait to paint both rooms and properly decorate them. Until then, I’ll be comparing paint swatches and searching Pinterest for ideas. I’ve been pinning a lot of house inspiration recently which you can check out on my Pinterest Viciloves.

What’s on your to-do list for your home?