The Most Beautiful Work Space

Beautiful Work Space - - @viciloves1Beautiful Work Space - - @viciloves1

I doubt I’m the only person who likes to work in a beautiful environment. It inspires creativity and furthers my focus. Plus it’s nice to have a reason to leave the house when I could work from home. I’ve been a part of a co-working space since February and have loved it as a change of scenery.

The space has a TON of natural light and has that older building charm which I love. I love sitting near the front windows and people watch in between my writing. I get some of my best ideas from seeing other people interact. It’s the weirdest thing but that’s the way my brains works.

Beautiful Work Space - - @viciloves1

Beautiful Work Space - - @viciloves1

Beautiful Work Space - - @viciloves1

Sometimes I’ll sit in the back conference room because I can’t get enough of the hand drawn walls. I am obsessed with the pattern and wish I could replicate something like that in my home office. A girl can dream! While we don’t use the fireplace, I love sitting near it. The combination of the modern white chairs mixed with the rustic wooden table makes for a comforting work space.

Now that we’ve moved into our house I have a dedicated office again. I’m painting it in the next couple of weeks (I currently have yellow walls) and have the most beautiful work space as my inspiration. Oh and did I mention that it’s located right next to an amazing coffee shop? A co-working space can’t get much better than that.

I’ve written a post on how to find inspiration but one of the best things I can do is simply come here. Sit in this space, take in the decor, look at my to-do list and get crackin’. Because of it’s clean white environment, it forces me to truly focus on the task at hand. And isn’t that the goal of a beautiful work space?

Photos by Sarah Bradshaw Photography