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Ritual Vitamins Review featured by top US life and style blogger, VICILOVES

Ritual Vitamins Review featured by top US life and style blogger, VICILOVES

I have taken many multi-vitamins over the years but I’ve never been consistent. I’ve had bursts of taking a one-a-day and dry spells where I didn’t take any vitamin for months. Now I’ve finally found something I genuinely enjoy and so I wanted to share a quick Ritual Vitamins review.

One of the main issues I had was that it tasted bad, it was hard to swallow, and I had to eat something beforehand. And I’m not a fan of sugary multi-vitamins so those were out of the picture too.

And then recently I’ve been educating myself more on what goes into a vitamin. The vitamin industry is NOT regulated by the FDA so companies can put whatever they want in them. And you don’t know where they’ve sourced those ingredients from…

Cut to Ritual Vitamins, that a blogger I follow on Instagram recommended. She works in the pharma industry and so I trusted her opinion. It’s a subscription-based service where every month, they send you a new bottle in the mail. I was hesitant to spend $30 a month but figured I could cancel anytime if I didn’t like it.

Before starting with Ritual Vitamins, I wasn’t taking a multi-vitamin and simply added collagen into my morning coffee to help with my skin and nails.

Starting Ritual Vitamins

My first bottle arrived in August and I’m now in my third month. I’ve stopped adding collagen in my coffee because my nails are much stronger from the vitamin. My skin feels much less irritated and I overall feel really good in my body.

Going back to the ingredients, I like that Ritual Vitamins only has 9 essential nutrients. They explain what each one is for AND they show the ingredient source on their website. I like their transparent approach and feel confident about putting it in my body.

The vitamin is formulated in a way that I can take it before I’ve eaten, it doesn’t make me nauseous and it has a refreshing mint flavor. The pill itself is easy to swallow and it’s become an easy part of my morning routine.

Even though this might read as #sponsored, it’s not. I’ve spent my own money on Ritual Vitamins and wanted to share something I’ve been enjoying. Hence why I have this blog!

Let me know if you have any questions from this Ritual Vitamins review! I take the Women’s Essential Vitamin but they also have a pre-natal and one for Women 50+.

What about you? Do you take a daily multi-vitamin? Have you noticed if it makes you feel better? Have your heard about Ritual Vitamins? Let me know in a comment below!

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