These Things Are Missing In My Closet

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I love to get rid of things. It’s a great idea until you realize that you need to update and bring in new things. Enter my closet dilemna. When you move four times in four years, you get rid of A LOT of stuff. So much so that I really really REALLLY need to buy new clothes. The “problem” is that I’d rather spend my money in our home because creating a nice home is super important to me. I’m SUCH a homebody. And when it comes to actually buying new clothes, it doesn’t help that I believe in quality over quantity. Strategic shopping is the name of the game.

I’m dying for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to start – the preview is next week! – and I’ve already made a list of things I’m looking for. I find it helpful to take a quick inventory of my closet and see what I truly need for day to day life. With that in mind, these things are missing in my closet:

1)  Trench coat // I used to wear a trench coat all the time but I had to part with it because it was too worn out and had seen better days. I’ve been eyeing up Everlane and Cuyana trench coats as the quality and price points correspond and I like their designs.

2) Rain jacket // I know I just mentioned a trench coat but a rain jacket is totally different. This is a casual  “I’m running grocery errands” or “going into the woods” kind of jacket. When I was in girls scouts I had this amazing rain jacket that I could get dirty in and it wouldn’t matter because it was meant for those things. I don’t really know of a great rain jacket but I’m thinking North Face can stear me into the right direction?

3) Jean shorts // We’re in the midst of summer and I only have one pair of jean shorts. I have a couple other lace shorts but I don’t think they’re as appropriate anymore. I’d love to get a pair of white shorts and am hoping to find some on sale from Shopbop or Nordstrom.

4) Intimates // Specifically from Hanky Panky. If you’ve never tried their intimates, you are missing out. During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale they usually have a ton of different colors on sale and I’m locking to stock up. And this is my favorite Natori bra that I’m looking to get in more colors. I already have it in a nude and black. Say goodbye to your Victoria’s Secret collection!

5) Nice tops // A vague term but that’s what I need. More nice looking tops. I’ve got a good amount of casual t-shirts and I really need more blouse / night out type tops. LOFT, Madewell and J.Crew are some of my favorite stores for that. I’ve also recently fallen back in love with Free People and have been eyeing up a couple blouses. Oh and how could I forget Anthropology?! So many unique pieces, I can spend hours browsing their collection…

6) Workout Tops // I’ve got a good amount of bottoms but I’m really looking for more sweat wicking tops. I’ve kept up a decent exercise schedule and it’d be nice not to wear the same tops over and over again. I got rid of all tops that didn’t fit or feel right and I’m sure the Nordstrom Sale will have exactly what I’m after.

If you’ve never heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s where the store puts new fall/winter items on sale – in addition to having their summer items on sale. It’s one of the best times of the year to stock up on things for the current and new season. After the sale ends, those new items go back to being full price. I’ll be sharing all of my top picks on the blog plus all the things that I end up getting myself. Hopefully that will help you sort through the sale as I know it can feel a bit overwhelming. With that, I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

Photo by Emma Weiss Photos