Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil


While there’s countless ways to use coconut oil, I wanted to focus on the things that I think are more reasonable and ways I actually use it. Using natural beauty products has gained popularity over the past few years and delving into coconut oil is an easy start. It’s probably in your kitchen pantry right now so let’s get into the best ways to use coconut oil:

Makeup Remover // Coconut oil is great for removing makeup because it’s oil breaks down all of your makeup. You can use it straight out of the jar, rub it all over your face and rinse it off with water. Or you can put it on a cotton pad and take that route instead.

Hair Mask // Run the jar under warm water in the shower and use a generous amount as a conditioning hair mask after your shampoo. Leave it on for a for about 5 minutes and rinse. It will add shine and hydration back in and you don’t have to break the bank on a crazy hair treatment. It also helps against frizz which is great for curly hair.

Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Shaving Cream // Running low in the shower? Use coconut oil as shaving cream and not only will you get a close shave, it will also condition your legs. Win win!

Body Oil // Yes, you can use it on your body and it will hydrate your skin like no other. I personally don’t like using it all over my body due to the whole “grease factor” but I love using it on my cuticles and dry spots around my elbows and knees.

I always get overwhelmed by the many DYI beauty tips and by sharing my best ways to use coconut oil I hope you give it a chance. Let me know in the comments if you do because I’d love to hear what you think. And if you’re already using coconut oil in your beauty routine,what’s your favorite way?