Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

Naked Smokey Palette

Just when we thought that Urban Decay had exhausted the amount of amazing palettes they can possibly make, they come up with the Naked Smokey Palette. I’ve owned the Naked 2 palette for several years now and it’s still one of my most used eyeshadow palettes. When I heard of the new Naked Smokey coming out I thought it was such a genius idea that I had to get my hands on it.

First let’s talk about the stunning packaging. They’ve upgraded their packaging from the tin version to a magnetic closure palette. It’s the same size as all the other palettes along with a mirror on the inside and a dual ended eyeshadow brush. This packaging is a lot more user friendly and sturdy in my opinion.

Naked Smokey Palette

Moving on to the eyeshadows – They are everything that you’d expect from Urban Decay: Buttery soft, highly pigmented, easy to blend and incredible staying power. As far as palettes go, I don’t know anyone who does a better palette with that price and quality. The palette comes with a combination of matte and shimmery shades, making it possible to achieve any type of smokey look. The shimmery shades start on the left side of the palette while the matte shades start on the right side. I like that they split it up that way because it gives a nice overview of what I have available to work with.

Naked Smokey Palette

One of my favorite features of the Naked Smokey palette is that it comes with four easy to follow smokey tutorials. As far as I can remember they didn’t have that with the Naked 2. Great for anyone who is new to the smokey eye or wants to try out a few different lookls! I’ve played around with the palette quite a bit and so far my favorite shades are High, Armor, Password and Whiskey. Ah but I love all of the shades!

Naked Smokey PaletteNaked Smokey Palette

Are you planning to pick up the Naked Smokey Palette? Let me know what your thoughts on it are in the comments below.

PS: I totally forgot to swatch Dagger in the above pictures! Probably got too excited about the palette while taking pictures :) Anyways – it’s a darker grey with some light shimmer to it!

PPS:┬áThe Naked Smokey Palette just launched in Switzerland on August 28 so it’s not a US-Only product ;)