Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day a week away I rounded up a heartfelt (pun intended) Valentine’s day gift guide for you! I think it’s important to show appreciation for your loved ones all year round but with Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s nice to something a little more special. Greg and I actually don’t buy each other Valentine’s Day gifts (aside of the cards and flowers) because we love treating ourselves to a nice meal instead. We love exploring new restaurants and can’t wait to eat our hearts out (pun intended as well).

For the ladies I included this luxurious rose scented bath oil that puts a creative spin on getting roses for Valentine’s Day. Any travel addict will love a beautiful leather travel wallet while the fashionista is going to love this blush colored handbag. When in doubt jewelry is always the answer and this affordable gold ring I may just have to purchase for myself, I love it that much.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

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For the men I thought the design of these socks were so fun while this record player is the ultimate gift for your music lover. And if your guy never answers his phone because it’s always dead, get him this portable phone charger. Converse sneakers have always been one of my favorite shoes for men and this Comme de Garçons limited edition puts a modern twist on a classic shoe.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

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