Wedding Day Perfume

Choosing the right wedding day perfume can be overwhelming because you want something that is unique and special, yet something that represents you and your taste. I got married last year and I thought it would be fun to share some tips and questions to ask yourself before deciding on your wedding day perfume.

What Scents Do You Gravitate Towards?

Do you like floral, citrus, musky or sweet scents? Look at your existing perfume collection and think about what they all have in common. You want to choose a wedding day perfume that you can identify with and not try going into a completely different direction. This will also help the sales person assisting you at the counter.

Timeless Brand

Your wedding day perfume will remind you of your wedding for the rest of your life. When choosing the perfume, you want to get it from a brand that will carry that scent for a very long time. I would stay away from limited edition perfumes or from brands that only carry one fragrance. Chances are if that perfume doesn’t perform well on the market, they will discontinue it. Think about a brand that would still have that same (or similar) perfume available ten years from now when you want to buy a new bottle.

Bring A Second Opinion

Ask someone from your family, a friend, or even your fiancé to come with when trying out different fragrances. They will tell you if the scent corresponds to your personality, making the perfume decision a lot easier.

wedding day perfume

Consider Layering

When I went shopping for my wedding day perfume, my fiancé came with me because I wanted to buy something that we both would really like. We went to the Jo Malone counter at a department store and smelled several different scents. I loved the Red Roses while he loved the Wild Bluebell scent. We both couldn’t narrow it down to one fragrance so we decided to layer them. The lady at the sales counter recommended having one fragrance as the body lotion and then layering it with the second fragrance as the perfume. I tried the combination out on my skin and fell in love with it. I had never heard of layering scents before because it seemed counterintuitive to me. But I learned that the Jo Malone perfumes are actually intended for layering so that you can create your own individual scent.

I decided on the Red Roses Body Lotion with the Wild Bluebell Cologne. I love this particular combination because I tend to stick with floral fragrances and with having a summer wedding, I liked the sweetness of the Wild Bluebell. They complemented each other well without overpowering one another.

On the morning of my wedding day I used the Red Roses Body Lotion after I came out of the shower, followed by the Wild Bluebell Cologne. Once I had my dress on I applied a little bit more of the Wild Bluebell on to my wedding dress so that the fragrance would stay with me throughout the day. The combined scent was long lasting as I remember my dress still smelling like it when I took it off at the end of the night.

Looking back, these two fragrances will always remind me of my wedding day and I like to wear them when I want to feel a little bit more special or am going out on a date with my husband.

What perfume takes you back in time to a special occasion?