What I learned From Not Wearing Makeup For A Week

I know this sounds crazy coming from a ‘beauty’ blogger but I actually don’t wear that much makeup. More often than not I’m running around bare faced, especially when I know I’ll be working from home all day. And then of course I can’t be bothered with makeup on the weekends because that’s when I’m my most laziest – don’t tell me I’m alone on this one. Before you know it I’m a week without it and this is what I learned from not wearing makeup for a week.

1. I can rub my eyes all I want and my mascara won’t smear all over. I feel like I touch my face quite a bit – don’t know why – and I always seem to rub my eyes or check if my contact lens is still there and not wearing makeup makes that so much easier…

2. People will definitely think that you are sick or really tired. Yes, that’s a (sad) fact. ‘You look different, Victoria’ or the ‘Is everything alright?’ – both of which I’ve gotten countless times over the years. Sometimes I forget I’m not wearing makeup and wonder why they say that and then I’m like ‘oh’…..

3. Skincare is even more important when you’re not wearing makeup. You’ve got to keep that routine going so you don’t get any uninvited visitors (aka blemishes). I love not wearing makeup exactly for that reason because it gives my skin time to breathe and simply be.

4. You can get ready in under 5 minutes. It’s kind of life changing.

5. No makeup, no bra = no problem! It will be the best week of your life.

Makeup should be fun – not a hassle or a chore.

6. Not wearing makeup makes you embrace your natural beauty and it’s simplicity. It changes the way you apply makeup the next time because you really don’t need THAT much.

7. While I didn’t miss wearing makeup during that week it made it that much more fun to go through my vanity again and see what I want to use.

8. Keeping the eyebrows in check is key. While I don’t pluck them a lot – partially because they don’t grow quickly – I make sure they’re all in the same direction and not a jumbled mess.

9. When you see someone with makeup you’re more curious about what they’re wearing. What lipstick color is that? What products are part of your everyday makeup routine? Don’t worry, I keep those questions to myself…

10. Not wearing makeup is awesome and more women should do it. Don’t be afraid of what other people think. Embrace who you are and just live.

What are your thoughts on not wearing makeup? Are you giving it a chance?