What to Expect at your First Orangetheory Class

What To Expect At Orangetheory - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1 | What to Expect at your First Orangetheory Class featured by top US life and style blog, Viciloves

As I’m typing this, I’m still recovering from what was my first Orangetheory class this morning. I have A LOT of friends who love and swear by this workout. And here I am, literally years later, with my first completed class. I wanted to review my first class Orangetheory experience and tell you what to expect in case you’re considering it too.

What Is OrangeTheory Fitness?

It’s an interval based workout class where you rotate between interval treadmill, rowing machine and floor exercises. You wear a heart rate monitor throughout the class and can see your heart rate numbers on the screen. You’re supposed to spend most of your time in the green zone with 12-20 minutes in the orange and red zone combined. Each minute spent in those two zones earns you splat points. Here’s a breakdown from my first class:

What To Expect At Orangetheory - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1 | What to Expect at your First Orangetheory Class featured by top US life and style blog, Viciloves

A few minutes after the class is over, you receive an email with the breakdown of your workout. I think that’s super helpful to keep track of yourself and see how you can improve for the next class. Since this was my first Orangetheory class, they provided me with a heart rate monitor. You do however have to purchase their heart rate monitor once you sign up for more classes.

Orangetheory First Class: The Workout

I started off on the rows, doing intervals and taking 10 second breaks in between. It’s a low impact full body exercise and you can go at whatever pace is best for you. The instructor told us when to switch it up and demonstrated a few arm exercises to do in between rowing.

Something to note is that you always stick with your same number. I was at row number 4, so in the floor and treadmill section, I also was at station 4. That way it doesn’t get confusing and you always know where to go. Once you’re done with one section, they have wipes available to clean your spot for the next group.

Next up my group moved to the floor. The instructor again demonstrated the exercises but there’s also a screen where a person demonstrates it for you. I loved that because it kept me on track with what I had to do. The screen also tells you how many reps to do. You keep rotating the exercises and try to do as many as you can overall. Today we did jump squats, push up, burpees and also used the TRX straps.

I finished on the treadmill and loved how modern the machine was. You decide if you’re a power walker, jogger or runner and based on that, you put in the proper speed. The first speed is your base speed. From there, the instructor will tell you to bump it up to your push pace and all out pace. You rotate between these three speeds to get optimal interval training. The instructor did a great job keeping track of everyone and I was honestly impressed how well she managed all the three stations at the same time.

Would I Go Back after my First Orangetheory Class?

Yes absolutely. The workout lives up to the hype and is as amazing as EVERYONE says it is. It’s customizable to your fitness level and you can push yourself as much as you want. I’m starting off with going twice a week and will see how I feel after a few weeks. Seeing as it’s a high intensity interval training, I want to ease into it before committing to more classes. I think it will complement my pilates classes nicely as they’re so different from one another.

Pricing And What To Wear on your First Orangetheory Class

Orangetheory Fitness is a franchise business so each studio will differ in prices. My location has the following breakdown:

– $28 for a drop in class

– $119 for 8 classes a month

– $79 for 4 classes a month

– $169 for unlimited classes a month

You can also do class packages where you, for example, buy 10 classes for $199 and they last up to a year. I know it’s not the cheapest, but for living in the DC area, this is pretty comparable to other exercise classes available…

Clothing wise, I wore tight workout leggings, a supportive sports bra, t shirt and my Nike Flyknit Running shoes. I also brought a water bottle (a must in my opinion) and a sweat towel. I ended the class feeling accomplished and exhausted – and I can’t wait to go back!

Have you tried Orangetheory Fitness? Or are you thinking about it? Let me know your experience about your first Orangetheory class!

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