3 Tips to Prepare for No Spend Month

3 Tips to Prepare for No Spend Month featured by top US life and style blog, VICILOVES

It’s the middle of summer and I’ve already traveled a lot this year. I love exploring new places but I’m so ready to buckle down, save money, and implement a no spend month.

I’ve got a lot of expenses to take into account with having a dog, house, car payment, being a small business owner (omg TAXES)… I also want to focus more on my financial goals and build a nice cushion with the big 3-0 approaching next year.

With the culture of social media and seeing people buy new clothes, new beauty products, new XYZ every week, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in a never-ending spending cycle. Not many people talk about saving money, not making that purchase so that they can invest it in a down payment or retirement fund in the future.

I’m doing a no spend month right now (August) to police myself and see where I’m being triggered to “just buy this”. Here are a few tips I followed to plan out:

3 Tips to Help with you No Spend Month

1. Look at your Calendar

The last few months of the year are definitely the most spendy for me (fall activities, holidays, gift shopping, etc.) so August seemed to be the perfect month to commit. Choose a month where you can stay home for most of it and won’t have too many triggering activities to make you want to spend.

2. Prepare for a No Spend Month

I planned out a few weeks ago that August was going to be my big NO SPEND month. I had one book I wanted to get before August 1 so I could read it while I’m sitting at home, saving money. Literally. If there’s something specific you’re dying to buy and it will make the no spend month more fun, then do it. If I didn’t purchase the book in advance, I would be thinking about it constantly until September 1 or convince myself that I could break my no spend month with this small purchase.

3. Don’t go to Target

It’s not like I even have to go to Target. I’m mentioning it because they’re the best at sucking you into buying the most random – yet wonderful – things. The other day I dropped Daisy off at her spa (the groomers) and they’re across from a Target… For a brief second, I considered going, trying to convince myself I could just pick up groceries. Yeah right… Luckily I caught myself and went to my regular grocery store to seriously only buy the toast and milk I needed.

I’m on day 8 of 31 of my No Spend Month and so far, it hasn’t been too challenging. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in an update once my no spend month is up AND if you’ve tried it yourself!