Why You Should Listen To The Garance Doré Podcast

Garance Dore Podcast

Garance Dore Podcast

A few months ago I went to the book signing of Garance Doré’s book Love Style Life and that really sparked this whole blog post. I’ve always admired her work but then actually sitting down next to her and talking to her was such a revelation. A few days later she announced her own podcast called “Pardon My French” and I knew I had to give it a listen.

When I first met Garance I was in complete awe of her because I felt like I was sitting next to a good friend. She was genuinely interested in getting to know me even though we only had a few minutes together. I couldn’t believe how casual and open she was for that she’s a very successful and famous artist. I left the book signing with a huge smile on my face and really felt like I had connected with her.

As someone who has always envied the French lifestyle and it’s Joie de Vivre – in the back of my head I still want to live in Paris – I knew that her podcast would resonate with me, regardless of what it’s topics were. If you’re as obsessed as I am with the French Je ne sais quoi, this podcast is what you’ve always needed in your life.

Garance Dore Podcast

What I love about her podcast is that she sits down with different guests each week and discusses real life stuff, anything from love, friendship, body image, you name it. Not only do I resonate with what she discusses, I also love being introduced to new people and getting to know them better. To me her podcast feels like I’m sitting next to them at a café drinking my coffee.

The podcast exudes that sense of adult girl talk that is sometimes hard to find in real life. I like listening to other people’s ideas and thoughts and it especially gets me thinking of how I stand on these topics.

If anything, the Garance Doré podcast is smart, funny, and entertaining. It’s refreshing to listen to her conversations and be challenged by it. It’s become something I look forward to every Thursday – that’s when she posts a new episode – because it gives me the chance to lay on the couch for an hour and get my mind stimulated in other ways. Today’s society is so much about visual content and it’s nice to switch it up and simply listen to a good conversation.

Do you listen to any podcasts? What are some of your favorites?