Word Of The Moment: Self Care

Self Care - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

I always put the people I love in front of me. I take care of them first before I even think to take care of myself. February has been a trying month and even in those moments, it’s been difficult to justify self care. Even though that’s when I would need it most. But I always convince myself that I’m fine. That I don’t need anything. That I don’t need to spend my time getting a pedicure when I can just do it myself at home. But then I never do it at home. Little things like that.

My nurturing personality definitely gets in the way of self care. While I’ve always believed in being able to take care of oneself before taking care of others, I didn’t fully realize it until this month. I have to be in good shape (physically and mentally) to be the best person I can be for the people in my life.

Time and time again, I struggle to justify spending time or money just on me. I used to have no problem doing that (LOL teenage years!) but now that I’m older, married, have a dog, a house, a car…. I would rather spend my time and money on those things than myself. While I do appreciate being a more responsible and conscientious shopper, I wish I didn’t feel as guilty about it when I do treat myself to something.

Self Care - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

Throughout this process of accepting self care as important, I’ve found a few things that make me feel better. The first thing is reading. I simply love reading, always have and always will. You’ve heard me yap about my library on my Instagram stories but I LOVE my library. Like, so much. It’s free to use and they have a great selection of books that I can reserve online. Reading is fun because I can learn about new things, immerse myself into a different world – and it’s all about me! I’m on Amazon every other day looking at what books I want to read next and simply going into a local bookstore makes me so happy. I went into Politics and Prose the other day and loved it!

The second thing that makes me feel better is working out. Shocker! It’s a constant battle to keep it up but I feel more like a functioning member of society when I do. It gets me out and about and away from my everyday surroundings. I just ordered a few new workout pieces to get me more excited about working out again and I can’t wait for them to arrive.

This last thing may sound strange to you but it’s about watching my favorite tv shows. Being able to set aside time to watch what I enjoy is a small but mighty thing. While traveling this month, I started watching Riverdale on the plane. When I landed in D.C. I was SO hooked on it and binged the first season the next few days. Being able to watch a show, that I really enjoyed, made me feel better. I was like okay, I’m now ready to face the world again. Once I finish this next episode, that is.

Self care is and should be a constant in your life. I keep reminding myself that by taking care of myself, I’m also taking care of the people I love. If I don’t take the time for myself, I will burn out and not feel well. Do you struggle with self care? How do you find time for yourself? What do you like to do?

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