Word Of the Moment: Siblings

The holidays are soon upon us and it’s only fitting I choose siblings for this months word of the moment. I won’t be seeing them this year and well, the holidays always make you think of family! My family has never been the type to talk all the time. We talk and update each other on big life events, travels and check in from time to time. But I don’t text with any of my family what happened yesterday or what my weekend plans are. And I personally don’t mind that. It’s what I know and I would probably get annoyed if that ever changed because I’m so terrible at texting.

I live quite far away from my siblings and I don’t see them as often as I’d like to. I was born the youngest of three and have a 6-8 year age difference with my brother and sister. We got along well growing up but always had our heads in different places. My brother and sister were so close in age that they had a lot more in common to talk about. I was the younger sister always ready to play with them when they got back from school.

Of course my distance away from them plays a role, but even when I still lived in Switzerland, we all kind of did our own thing. When we see each other now, we talk and catch up like no time has passed. And I love that we’re all so different from one another. My sister, the oldest, is the academic rebel that I’ve looked up to since day 1. She’s fearless and has always paved her own way. My brother, who is more introverted like me, is a computer genius that built a ridiculously successful business. And then there’s me, the witty third one, who loves to film Youtube videos!

Without sounding too cheesy (I’m definitely the emotional one out of the three), I love having them in my life. Especially as we’ve grown older, attended each others weddings and seeing them become parents. I’m thankful to have a good relationship with my siblings because it’s not a given. I can’t wait to make so many new memories with them as our families grow. And hopefully recreate my sister’s hairstyle! True 80’s baby… Do you have siblings? How has your relationship changed as you’ve grown older?